Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Call Me Naïve If You Will

originally published June 2004 in several ezines and blogs

It's nice to go to bed each night safe and secure knowing you live in a land where liberty and justice prevails. Oh well, dream on.

When I was young and naïve, meaning, I was stupid, I believed that we could vote out saber rattling politicians come election time. When Clinton kept throwing our military into Haiti, Somalia or the Balkans, I took comfort knowing that he and Monica (oops, Hilary, I meant Hilary) would eventually leave office. Perhaps, the next president would not use our soldiers to police the world.

I was so stu… I mean naïve.

Then came the 2000 presidential election. And regardless of where you stand on the issue it proved once again that the temptation of power oft surpasses the preservation of justice.

When it dawned on me that Bush and his neocons chose Iraq, over, say, actually waging the War on Terror, I relished the thought of voting him out of office. I figured come this November enough voters would realize how he bathed his agenda in our soldier's blood to make the world safe for Halliburton and boot him back to Texas.

Now increasingly I read more and more rumblings from Washington that if there WAS another major terrorist attack against the United States, the November presidential election may HAVE to be postponed or cancelled altogether. A June 25th Associate Press story reported that government officials have slapped themselves on their federal foreheads, "Darn, we forgot to plan for this; we better get busy."

So the same kind of civil (paid by tax dollars) servants (to be pissy) that successfully managed the Florida (More Bush, Less Smirks) election are planning ways to screw this upcoming election. Just in case.

Now I am not that naïve.

This is not intended as an endorsement of John Kerry or any other candidate. It is an endorsement of a just (read: honest) and legitimate (read: really honest) election where the people actually decide who will be president. Didn't we long ago fight Britain (Home of the Tony Blair Bush Butt Kissing Band) so every 4 years we could elect another boring rich guy in a dark suit posing as a middle class good ole boy to replace the former rich guy in a dark suit?

Yet recall how Bush used the WMD lies to scare the hell out of us, so much so, that we would have supported his call to invade Canada, had he told us they were making WMDs instead of maple syrup? So, scared as we were, and lied to so often, we agreed that Saddam Hussein had to go.

What else might Bush do to retain power? He stole the election once. What would stop Bush from resorting to more lies and more terror to retain power?

Because Bush is not so naive.

We are losing the War on Terror. While we focus so much energy on going after Iraq's oil you will notice that al Qaeda is working overtime and Osama bin Laden remains a free man. And it should not surprise us that millions of Arabs pray for Osama's safety:

Because we perpetuate a lopsided position favoring Israel over the Palestinians;

Because, we have a history of supporting ruthless Arab dictators in the name of democracy;

Because, frankly, we've done a shitty job, showing the Mideast the marvels of democracy;

Because we assumed Arabs were so naïve.

So as it stands, some folks in the Mideast, with way too much time on their hands, dream up ways to hurt us.

Every time we ask Bush to explain why Osama is still free we only get meaningless answers. Mr. Bush utilized the most powerful nation on earth with the most advanced weapons at his disposal to run over Iraq. We caught Saddam Hussein. Yet nasty as he was, he never attacked the United States, while Osama continues the star role in Catch Me If You Can.

Catching Osama will not end terrorism. It can end the idea that bombs can deter democracy.

I fear that if Bush slips further in the polls, we will see more press conferences scaring us again, or worse, those naïve well-hidden terrorists will attack us again (just a coincidence). This time, as Rumsfeld (I have inside information and YOU don't) has warned us, it'll be much worse.

I say then, let's nuke Canada. I'm sure Halliburton can figure out ways to profit from radioactive maple syrup.

No, what I do say, is this: when will the vast majority of American people step away from American Idol long enough to understand the importance of the November presidential election? We finally have a chance to tell Bush and his boys to stick their "shoot first ask questions later" doctrine right up their preemption. We can make a statement that we want the United States to remain a democratic republic rather than a dynastic imperial state.

So, I offer a modest twofold proposal.

First, we make sure the election is held as scheduled. Write your senator and congressperson. Tell them that at all costs, the election must take place as planned. If terrorists attack we extend rather than cancel the election. Let's prove that violence cannot deter our electoral rights.

Secondly, vote Bush out of office.

And after he loses, we call on the FBI to preempt Bush and Cheney's (The F Man) retirement plans:

"Mr. Bush, for crimes against the United States and Humanity, you have the right to remain silent…"

I know, I am naïve, but I can still dream.