Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A Dying Mom and a Lying President

I really need to improve. All this time I figured I had a black belt in lying only to be outdone by President Bush and Dick Cheney™.

Lies have served me well. I remember as a school age child that I spent most of my evenings caring for my dying mother. I didn’t have time for homework. Being with mom during her final days was more important than any school assignment. Yes, I got bad grades. I also got to be with my mom when she said her final words, “Now why do you keep telling the teachers that I’m dying when I’m perfectly fine. Stop being so lazy and do your homework.”

Of course, not all last words are packed with meaning.

I couldn’t say she had died as you can only use the “I’m too busy mourning to do homework” excuse for so long, 2-3 weeks by my estimate. But, I had my mom dying all the way from second through eighth grade. Right up to the time when mom volunteered to chaperone a field trip and one of my teachers, a nosey one at that, had the audacity to ask her how she was coming along. My mother, said she was coming along fine. The teacher then complimented my mother on her unusual courage and fortitude, going on a class field trip when she should be in bed fighting for her life. That statement prompted quite a conversation between my mom and the teacher.

That next day while waiting to speak with the principal about what was purported to be a lie but I regarded as a mere commentary on the existential meaning of life, it dawned on me that some lies can only last so long. I promised myself then and there to have my mom dying for a few months before an angel healed her. However, after that fateful field trip and all the way through my senior year my teachers were warned about my dying mom story. This caused great suspicion when I replaced a dying mom with a dying maid. My dress and mannerisms did not bode as coming from a family that could afford a maid, and a dying one at that.

As in school, lies have their place in politics. When President Clinton announced to the nation, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," I felt immediately relieved. "Well," I said to my wife, "now we can forgive him and move on." She gave me a puzzled look and asked how could we because he was lying. I then explained to her that had he announced to the nation that he indeed did have sex no one would have believed him. So all the press stories would be trying to figure out what he and Monica actually were up to instead of having sex. Before long the National Enquirer would have broken a story that Bill and Monica were using Elvis to teach Saddam how to build weapons of mass destruction.

Ask my wife and kids and they will tell you not to believe anything I say. For years I had my kids believing I was not raised by my parents but reared on an Indian reservation. It was a convenient lie to use whenever I showed them something useful and credited any knowledge to my previous training at the reservation. Later they grew quite suspect of this story and at some point outright disbelieved and even scoffed at me. Had they known my mother was dying they would have been more sympathetic.

But, having watched three presidential and one vice presidential debate over the past several weeks I have come to realize that the Bush and Cheney™ team are stomping the Kerry and Edwards team when you add up the lies. After all, Bush's own administration have told the American people there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The only way Bush can wiggle out of his lies to justify this war is by telling us more lies that Saddam had the "capacity" to build nuclear weapons. I have the capacity as well provided you give me detailed instructions, all the equipment, and a few nuclear scientists, plus some radioactive stuff. I learned how at the reservation.

While the president was busy convincing the American people that Saddam was ready to blow us to smithereens, Iran and North Korea were busy actually building nuclear weapons. However, somehow striking out at these countries was not big on President Bush's War on Terror, even though it is well known that Iran has harbored al-Qaeda terrorists and North Korea was conveniently protected by China.

Had Mr. Bush told us the truth, that he and his oil buddies wanted a more lucrative oil supply, Halliburton to get richer, and it was his God-ordained duty to protect Israel's seizure of Palestinian lands, we would not have been so gung-ho to invade Iraq. However, the facts are, to protect his imperial plans, Mr. Bush has to continue lying to bolster support for his crimes against both Iraq and the United States.

If elected, I fear he will expand his imperial vision. More Americans will die; more countries will face the horror of American bunker busting bombs.

What is the alternative? Mr. Bush led us away from Osama, invaded a country incapable of harming us, and killed thousands of people by using a weapon of mass destruction, the U.S. military. Over one thousand American soldiers died to force at gunpoint a form of quasi-democracy under the leadership of a puppet Iraqi leader known to be a
thug. This is Mr. Bush's gift of democracy to Iraq.

President Clinton faced impeachment for his lies about his sexual escapades. No one died in that scandal; it proved to be a tough embarrassment to the president, his family, and Monica.

The Bush lies have resulted in the deaths of thousands yet he still holds strong in the polls. Rather than running for president shouldn't we arrest him for crimes against humanity, or at the very least impeach him?

I hope he understands that I won't vote for him. I have a dying mother to care for and much more to learn at the reservation.

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Halliburton, all rights reserved.